the idea

The Braillecube an attempt to adjust this timeless toy to the needs of blind persons - the haptic experience make them “feel“ the colors. The first letters of the color are written on the cube in braille in the order of the colors on the original cube. The totally white cube makes it impossible to solve the cube without being able to read braille. It will be as difficult for pepole who can see as it is to solve the regular cube for a blind person. This concept of the cube is fun for blind people and strengthen the awareness how difficult things are, if you are not able to see.

the cube

Each side of the cube represents one of the
original colors – written in braille.

the production

The manufacture of the cube has been a long and carefully thought out process. We are happy to finally offer a product we are proud to present and meets our strict quality controls. The White Matt Oracal Foil on the surface of the cube is printed with a special UV ink. This ink is meticulously applied in layers to create a beautiful touchable surface that best represents braille. The foil is also applied to the cube individually and by hand in order to maintain pinpoint accuracy.

The Cube will be shipped in a handcrafted black paper box which is labeled with a high-class silk-screen printed label and logo on it. Beyond that each cube is wrapped in yellow soft wrapping paper.

the publications

The Cube was published in several magazines
and exhibited in museums within the MoMA NY.